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Queen Message November, 2023


What is your definition for membership of Nydia Temple No. 4, Daughters of the Nile? To me it’s a way to build friendships with other women who wish to help support our philanthropy through donations and volunteer at Shriners Children’s to make an impact on a child’s life. In addition, for me it’s a great social outlet. I have really enjoyed traveling with other members to events such as NW Daze, attending Supreme Session, going to another temple’s Installation or SQ official visits. I have enjoyed these last four years attending Nydia’s many Nile Clubs’ meetings throughout the upper half of Oregon.

I have some concerns. Each year Nydia Temple’s number of members is slowly decreasing. It’s been since 2019 that Nydia Temple reported a positive growth in membership. There are two parts to membership we all need to work together on:
Retaining our existing membership
Bringing in new members

We started out the year well by initiating five new members in May, and most recently at the Supreme Queen official visit we initiated another new member. We have 26 open proposals; from January 2022 through October 2023, which have been balloted on. Using Constant Contact, I will send this list to our members. If you are the First or Second Signer, please call these women and encourage them to join.

Talk to your neighbors, to your associates, friends, and family about becoming a member. If you know of someone who you think would make a good member, submit a proposal. You do not need to talk with this person first. Submit your proposal to Pr. Recorder, Jennifer Moyer, PQ. Give her a call if you need assistance; she is willing to help you complete the proposal.

Your officers and I are willing to hold as many Ceremonials as needed or Obligation-only events to help bring in new members who have already submitted their petitions.

Retaining existing members is just as important and even more important. I recently read the following: “Retention is key! It’s so important to retain the members we have while working to increase membership. Happy, involved, and productive members are going to be there for the long haul.”

What does membership of Nydia Temple mean to you? Is being a member of Nydia Temple marking off all the boxes as to why you belong? Please communicate your feelings to your elected officers. This year your Membership Committee has held a membership event once a quarter. Those members who attended had a fun time. However, attendance was low. The Queen, with the assistance of other members, offers both a Spring and Holiday luncheon. We know that everyone has useful ideas and plans, please share them.

Please collaborate with us and help Nydia Temple retain its existing membership. Together we will continue to keep Nydia Temple strong as we support our philanthropic efforts in supporting Shriners Children’s. Together we can make an impact, not only on a child’s life, but also improve our own lives due to our own positive impact on a child’s life.
Come with me and together we will Spread our wings and Soar!

Nile Love,

Queen Donna 

Spread Your Wings And SoarSpread your wings and Soar!

Queen Message November, 20232023-11-20T13:31:59-08:00

Queen Holly was very creative for Valentine’s Day


Watch the video to find out how.

Queen Holly and all Nydia Temple members, wanted to honor the staff at the Shriners Hospitals for Children – Portland for their dedication and exceptional care of the children during this pandemic time. Even though our volunteers have not been allowed in the hospital for a year, she wanted the staff to know we are looking forward to the time we can return. How did she accomplish this when no non-essential persons are allowed into the hospital at this time? Watch the video to find out. This video will be played at their all-hospital-wide staff meetings, so each staff member will know how much he/she is appreciated.

Queen Holly was very creative for Valentine’s Day2021-05-24T17:17:05-07:00

Pictures Needed


Calling all photographers – amateur, professional, and in between. To help redesign and build our website, we need pictures of our ladies all around Nydia Temple. We want all those pictures; the fun ones, the serious ones, the formal ones, the casual ones, and the ones you took just because.

Please forward your pictures to a new email address set up specifically to keep our pictures – [email protected]. Please keep them coming all the time. Old or new, we want them all.

Thanks so much, JPQ Kathy Walliker

Pictures Needed2021-08-10T13:44:57-07:00

Announcing a Unique Opportunity



Announcing a Unique Opportunity:

Come and join the Officers of Nydia Temple No. 4 at a fun, fact filled Workshop to learn the art of being a Mentor. Topics will include the history of Daughters of the Nile, the history of Nydia Temple, Supreme Temple Bylaws and Protocol, plus much more valuable information.

On Saturday, November 21, 2020 we will present a socially distanced, safety aware day of fun, facts, and sociability at the Al Kader Shrine Center. The day will begin at 10 AM and end by 2 PM. There will be a light lunch provided and plenty of snacks and beverages for all.

If you would like to participate in this fun-filled day of learning, please register with the Princess Recorder at [email protected] or call her at 503-888-2562. There is no charge for the day and it promises to be worthwhile for all.

Jennifer Moyer, Past Queen, Pr. Recorder

Announcing a Unique Opportunity2020-11-24T18:33:24-08:00

Nydia Temple Receives Awards from the Foundation


The Foundation Club and Holiday Sharing Awards Ceremony was shared per a Zoom meeting on October 25. Only those temples receiving awards were invited to attend, as well as Foundation members, and Supreme Officers.

Nydia Temple received 10th place in total Foundation donations, giving $25,890, and for Holiday Sharing for Temples 300+ members, we received a first place with $9,396.

Imperial Sir Jim Smith, along with his wife (Princess) Alice, was also present. Imperial Sir Jim spoke of being the first Imperial Sir to be working with a $1 billion budget. He acknowledged that the Daughters of the Nile give financially and of their time, and are second only to the Shriners themselves.

Thank you all for your generosity as we work together in helping the children. Queen Holly

Nydia Temple Receives Awards from the Foundation2021-01-03T20:00:03-08:00
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